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The new year is fast upon us, and I want to share with you, the best Happy new year wishes to send to loved ones and family. These new year messages include the best Unique inspirational New Year wishes and greetings which will motivate your loved ones for a more creative and successful New Year.

For whatever reasons, seeing a new Year calls for a celebration, it’s time to look back into the year gone by and to look ahead to a time of new beginnings. No matter the differences, a lot can happen in a year and send across a heartfelt Happy New Year messages to loved ones can make all the difference.

20 Inspirational New Year Wishes and Greetings

A New Year is like a blank notebook, and the pen is in your hands. This is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.

Each year-end marks a new beginning. To keep your spirit and determination unshaken, always have the faith and the courage to achieve everything you desire.

On the road to success, the rule is to always look ahead. May you reach your destination this New Year and may your journey be wonderful.

No one can go back in time and change the past. This New Year work on your present to make yourself a wonderful future.

Just let go of your past and start off with the new. Forgive all those who hurt you and be open to making new relationships, with open arms. It’s the New Year, so make it “New”.

The New Year ahead has bought another chance for us to set things straight and open up a new chapter in our lives.
Just the moment you feel like giving up, victory is always within reach! Remember this moving into the New Year.

God has the perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but it’s worth the wait.

You have a family that loves and supports you.
You have friends that you can count on.
Be thankful of the people around you.
They are just a few of the reasons why
You need to look forward to a beautiful New Year!

This is the new year the new you. You can choose to pass through another year, sailing on the cruise. Or you can step out of your comfort zone, try things you have never done before, and make 2019 the year that you elevate from where you are.

This is your year to sparkle.
Believe you can and you are halfway there.
Happy New Year!

You will be the only person tomorrow who remembers your mistakes of today. When life throws a curveball, it is not your failure. Take it as an opportunity to learn from it and optimize success. May you have a creative successful New Year!

It’s okay to take risks, but it’s not okay to never try. Happy New Year!

The time is right this New Year to get your opinions clear. Make a significant decision to do what makes you really happy. Take each day as a new opportunity to keep moving towards what you want.

Do not look at what will happen in the New Year. Concentrate on what you will do each day. Be awake to change, ready to move forward and put things into action, knowing that each day is not wasted, because it can never be found again. Happy New Year!
Say thank you more often this New Year. It is one of the most powerful ways we can move beyond our old habits and transform our lives. Wishing a Healthy New Year full of Success!

A New Year offers 365 new days and 365 new chances.

This Year, hang on to your truth and respect the truth of others.
Be the voice for someone who has no voice. Happy New Year!

This year, break a bad habit,
Learn a new skill,
Do a good deed,
Visit a new place,
Try a new food,
Take a risk.
Happy New Year!

New is the year,
New are the hopes,
New is the resolution,
New are the spirits,
And new is my warm
Wishes just for you.

50 Happy New Year Wishes and Messages

  • ♣ May health and happiness follow you and yours throughout the year to come. Happy New Year!
  • ♣ For someone with a smile so bright, may you have only sunny days and happy thoughts the year through!
  • ♣ Wishing you another year of happiness and good health as this year comes to an end.
  • ♣ Here’s to an exciting new year and all the wishes and promises that it has to offer.
  • ♣ I hope you will find the strength to let go of this past year and look forward to a promising new year to come.
  • ♣ What’s done is done, and as you look back on the year, learn from the past and wish for a brighter future in light of the lessons learned.
  • ♣ Friends are a treasure and I treasure our friendship and wish that blessings and hope fill your heart!
  • ♣ May you be healthy, gain knowledge, and have happiness in everything you do. Happy New Year!
  • ♣ Leaving things of old behind, may new adventurous fill your days. Happy New Year!
  • ♣ I wish for you endless happiness, wisdom, strength, and resilience as you embrace another year to come.
  • ♣ I hope you find true love in the new year, settle down, and get married. Life is too short to spend it alone.
  • ♣ Life is an adventure wishing you the opportunity to find exciting adventures the year through.
  • ♣ May your heart be filled with cheer, your mind be filled with joy, and yours days filled with happiness.
  • ♣ Wishing you every great and wondrous thing the year can offer.
  • ♣ Hoping your coffee cup stays full, and the year to come is filled with great memories.
  • ♣ Wishing you the happiest of New Years.
  • ♣ My wish for you is that you are healthy, happy, and filled with joy in the coming year.
  • ♣ May your ventures be prosperous, your blessings be many, and that you have the best new year ever.
  • ♣ May the road bend to meet you, the sun shine to greet you, and blessings always warm your heart.
  • ♣ Hoping you have a joyous year with many new memories and friend made.
  • ♣ Wishing you always have a warm place to rest where love and affection will always embrace you.
  • ♣ Grandma always said that you’ve got to sleep in the bed you’ve made. Hoping you covers are well pressed and the bed is soft.
  • ♣ Warm slippers are like cozy friends to comfort the soul. Hoping you have the warmest slippers of them all.
  • ♣ Wishing you sunny days filled with hope and joy.
  • ♣ May you always be blessed with full pockets and hearts for the new year.
  • ♣ May warm smiles fill your year with hope and happiness.
  • ♣ May your year be filled with seasons of hope, love, and joy
  • ♣ May your cup Ruthanne over with joy and good cheer the whole year through.
  • ♣ May optimism fill your heart and warm your spirit throughout the new year.
  • ♣ Wishing you a bright new year filled with fun and adventure.
  • ♣ May the silver lining always come to greet you and the hard times always fail to meet you.
  • ♣ Thankful is what I am for knowing you, and I wish only thankfulness for everything you do.
  • ♣ May you always be blessed and have the love of many to support you.
  • ♣ Wishing that your new year is absent of troubles, full of hope and that you find everything you seek in the year to come.
  • ♣ May you always appreciate the small things and embrace them with hope and joy.
  • ♣ Wishing you great miracles through small blessings the new year through.
  • ♣ May you only see the good things life has to offer and discard the hard things that offer you trouble.
  • ♣ Hoping you are always filled with joy and hope for a year of happiness and comfort.
  • ♣ May you always be happy and your heart filled with joy.
  • ♣ Wishing that your every expectation is filled above and beyond what you desire.
  • ♣ May the new year bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart, and may you always be filled with happiness and love.
  • ♣ May you always know the benefits of gratitude, thankfulness, and humility as your path leads you to bigger and better things.
  • ♣ Wishing for you a year filled with friendships made and strengthened as travel life’s bumpy path.
  • ♣ I cannot wait to spend another year with you by my side. You are my rock, you keep me grounded, and I hope our relationship only grows stronger with each passing year.
  • ♣ I hope to take on the new year with everything I have and inspire others to do the same.
  • ♣ The new year is what you make it. So why not decide to make it great? Wipe the slate clean and take action to make this year even better than the last.
  • ♣ When you look back this time next year, I hope you will have no regrets and feel blessed for all that you have been given in life.
  • ♣ There is no greater joy than becoming a new parent. I wish you all the joy that comes with parenthood as you bring a new addition into your family in the coming new year.
  • ♣ Happy new year to my family and friends back home. Wish I could be there to help celebrate but you know you are always on my mind and in my heart.
  • ♣ I hope your hardships seem small as we ring in the new year. Count your blessings and give thanks to another year of life on this earth.
  • ♣ I wish my grandmother strength as she battles her illness and look forward to another year to spend with her.
  • ♣ This new year, I would like to wish my wife and children peace of mind that I will return from my deployment safely into their loving arms.
  • ♣ May beauty never be wasted on you, may wisdom always find you, and may the joy of the day always be upon you.
  • ♣ May you always count the blessing of yesterday while striving for the blessings of tomorrow.
  • ♣ May your cup always be filled, your path always bright, and your heart always light.
  • ♣ Wishing you a Happy, Prosperous New Year and many more years to come.
  • ♣ Always rise with a smile, keep the wind to your back, and savor every moment life gives you.
  • ♣ If I could have one wish, it would be that you achieve your career goals and feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Happy new year!
  • ♣ I could not have gotten through this year without you as my friend and I wish you so much joy and happiness for the coming new year!
  • ♣ Looking forward to the new year and embracing the changes that are sure to come with it!


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