Hope you smashed all your goals for this week, graciously?

Now, there are several topics that we could share with you in this newsletter, but we would focus on one of the most pressing.

In this age and time, people- particularly the millennials have been struggling with imposter syndrome. This is a feeling of self-doubt that makes you think that you are not competent for a particular achievement or it possibly came by luck.

What? Why will you ever think that you are not fit for that achievement?

It is understandable that you may be overwhelmed by the fast pace of contemporary knowledge, and the need to meet up in every way. However, that should not make you doubt your competence.

In reality, certain factors trigger this imposter syndrome. They are:

⦁ Fear
⦁ Self – doubt
⦁ Being new to a system or organization
⦁ Personal doubts about one’s competence.

All these can result in having imposter syndrome. Nevertheless, for every problem, there is a solution, and the antidote for this syndrome is self-affirmation. Continuously speak words of affirmation to yourself, keep reassuring yourself that you were made for this, and put in every effort to live up to it.

We love you and desire to see you move to the top. Until the next newsletter, please stay safe, work on achieving your goals, and don’t doubt your capabilities.

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