The tips below offer 24 time management advice to keep your productivity machine humming along. They can be useful whether you’re a student or a teacher – and they’re definitely worth sharing with your friends! Keep reading to learn more!

24 Time Management Tips

  1. Define your purpose – it helps release you from non-essential activities
  2. Take action – don’t wait for a better time to start
  3. Focus – commit to a single task for an extended period of time and be fully engaged
  4. Overcome procrastination – don’t postpone unpleasant tasks
  5. Set deadlines – it will help you budget your time
  6. Stop multitasking – it tends to lead to many projects started and few finished
  7. Stop checking your phone so often – Phone is one of the biggest productivity killers
  8. Empty your inbox – take action after every email you read
  9. Prioritize – focus on high importance items
  10. Do not confuse urgent with important – very often these ‘urgent’ tasks are much less important
  11. Write things down – don’t overload yourself just trying to remember
  12. Use a weekly planner – you’ll already know how you’re going to use your time
  13. Organize your stuff – and you won’t waste time trying to find things
  14. Be punctual – last minute is always stressful
  15. Make the most out of every meeting – use an agenda, have a purpose, contribute, and work to keep everyone on task
  16. Limit social media – it makes your brain tired from processing useless information
  17. Stop reading news – it wastes time on things you cannot influence
  18. Take breaks – everyone needs a recharge to continue to produce high quality work
  19. Eat healthy – it helps you perform better
  20. Exercise more – it helps increase your brain power
  21. Get enough sleep – it will help you work better during the day
  22. Become an early riser – mornings are a great time to be productive
  23. Rebuild your habits – to help you become more effective
  24. Act responsibly – it is your time and you are in charge of how you spend it