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27 Characteristics of Highly Effective Teachers

There are a few things in this world that will help you be an effective teacher. There’s hard work, loving what you do, and an attention to detail. Those are just the broad strokes, though. In fact, there are many sub-categories that you should know about. What do I mean by this? Quite simply, there are some important characteristics of highly effective teachers that you should check out and brush up on during your vacation or even while still in the front of the class.

These fabulous tips are brief but powerful bits of wisdom. They’re boiled down into simple and easy-to-digest ideas designed to help inform classroom teachers on the go.

These ideas are broad and simple but useful. For example, the Plug-In tip could be taken as a call to get more active on social media and grow your PLN. Also, reach out to other teachers in your school and grab a coffee together. Plug into what they’re doing, thinking, and teaching.

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Second, the idea of Contact is critical as it serves as a reminder to always be mindful about staying in touch with the family of your students. Now that family may not be what you expect or have as much interest in the child’s education as you, but it’s always good to stay connected. Hey, that connected idea is a lot like the plug-in idea mentioned earlier! See how they all mix together?

Characteristics of Highly Effective Teachers


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