4 ideas to foster smooth transitioning into the classrooms

As schools across the country are still deciding on how to safely return to school, here are some ideas that will help teachers foster a smooth transition into Classrooms.

Where to start?

The most important way to start the year for teachers is getting to know their students and for them their students to get to know them.

Knowing this, what are the best ways to interact with the students? How do you get involve in different learning activities and how do you make them feel comfortable and supported in the learning space, wherever that may be?

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Here’s a list of activities and materials that will be beneficial regardless of the environment whether it be the physical classroom, teaching remotely, or transitioning throughout the year.

4 Ideas to foster a smooth transition into the Classroom

Using these ideas will create a welcoming environment and a positive culture for learning for the students. There are many ways to kick off the new school year that will work and be helpful, whether it is in a classroom, in a hybrid learning model, or entirely virtual learning. Here are five ideas to get started with:

1. Meet the students

There are icebreakers that can be done in our classrooms or virtually, by asking students to share who they are and leveraging some of the tools available. One idea that worked well for some students in the past was creating a fun presentation together.

2. Organize sessions for students to get to know their Teachers

When students get to their teacher, it becomes easy for the student to open up to the teacher. This promotes and facilitates a good rapport that eventually leads to effective communications between the teacher and the student.

3. Class discussions

It’s important to find out what the students are thinking. Communication and Connections are key in transitioning to the classroom. Being available to the students when they need you to play a huge role in their development.

4. Interactive Class Lessons

Think about the lessons that would be taught throughout the year and facilitate student interaction so everyone could benefit from it. When thinking about transitioning throughout the year, it makes sense to create some materials that can be useful during a live class session or asynchronously.