Somehow, we’ve all heard of people who got into trouble because of their social media stupidity. A college student got suspended the other time for a viral video that had her dancing inappropriately. A young professional was also fired for tweeting about how awful his boss was. Even celebrities have their every social media post analysed.

Don’t become the next ‘what-not-to-do’ example. Keep in mind these four simple rules for using social media.

1. You are what you ‘share’

Every post, retweet, link and picture that you share is a reflection of who you are. Your social media profiles tell your story and give you the chance to create a brand for yourself. Every platform has a separate audience for you to broadcast that message to. Find the right channels for your desired industry and use social media to accomplish your goals. In short, you are what you ‘tweet’ and ‘share’.

2. The Parent & Boss Rule

Ask yourself, “Would I want my parents to see this post? My boss?” If the answer to any of those questions is ‘no,’ do not post it.

What you share online can be found, even when you hit that delete button two hours later. It’s better to learn this now then in 20 years when you’re running for a public post. Above all else, do not PUI (Post Under the Influence). Make a vow to your future adult self that you will refrain from over-sharing.

3. Face your problems, don’t Facebook your problems.

Don’t tell your problems to people. Fact is, many of them don’t care; and some of them are glad you have them.”

Too often, we let our emotions get the best of us and post updates without thinking. This could be posting an angry subtweet, making a Facebook status about the boyfriend that broke up with you or even making an insulting comment on someone else’s post.

My advice? Sleep on it. Most unnecessary, emotional posts can be avoided by just giving you some time to think it over.

4. Don’t take it too seriously.

Social media is meant to be fun. Highlight positive stories and give your followers a reason to smile. Trust me, they will appreciate it. It’s okay to show your personality (actually I encourage it). Just be sure you are not being offensive, vulgar or uploading that video of you twerking without clothes.

In short — use your head. Social media was never meant to be a journal for your every thought or action.