Welcome to the fifth month! Many people believe they’re born lucky. And some think they’re not. If you’re born in may, Here are 5 qualities that will make you believe you’re one of the lucky people.

1. Luck 

After a short experiment at the Edinburgh International Science Festival involving 40,000 people, Prof Wiseman, a psychologist based at the University of Hertfordshire, concluded that there is a direct link between the time of year people are born and how lucky they feel. People born in May are more likely to think themselves lucky in life,  they tend to have a more positive outlook and consider themselves lucky, which leads to greater success in life.

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2. Brilliant

People born in may are smart, they also possess clever minds.

3. Good Parents

They can be the best parents to their children. And can establish a very strong bond between children and themselves. In any given circumstances concerning their children, they are the best planner.

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4. Good leaders

People born in May have good leadership qualities.

5.  Strength

People born in May are strong, emotionally and physically.