5 Better Ways To Say ‘I Don’t Know’ In The Classroom

Most times when we’re asked a question, we are too often likely to say we don’t know just because the answer doesn’t easily come to mind.

Are you fond of answering a question with the response “I don’t know” in the classroom? Perhaps you should consider no longer saying that phrase and instead say these five other ways that might get you thinking a bit more.

For example, if you were asked a question, what would be an appropriate response if the answer was not known? Would it be appropriate to skate by and just say you don’t know without even trying? Would you just simply look at your friends, shrug your shoulders, and just reply that you don’t know the answer? That wouldn’t be cool. It’d be like saying ‘dear teacher, don’t bother me, you tell us the answer.”

In an effort to get your teacher less fired up, here are a few fabulous alternatives to the popular “I don’t know” response

You can say:

1. “May i please have some more information?”

2. Or “May I have some time to think?”

3. Or “Would you please repeat the question?”

4. Or “Where could I find more information about that?”

5. Or finally “May I ask a friend for help?”

That last option certainly feels like the ‘phone a friend’ option on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” perhaps. In any case, hope these options help you get critically thinking, working with your group, and just generally not relying on a throw-away phrase that lets you get by without actually learning.

5 thoughts on “5 Better Ways To Say ‘I Don’t Know’ In The Classroom”

  1. I guess what the writer is saying is that we shouldn’t be too quick to assume ignorance until we’ve engaged our brains well enough

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