Blogging & Other Online Jobs: Every teen can enjoy their holiday and make money by getting involved in blogging. Like noted, Online jobs for teens that are good at writing include producing articles that you could sell to online businesses or you could even create your very own blog.

If you create a blog, you can earn money through online advertising or by promoting other people’s products / services that relate to your blog articles through an affiliate program.

Other jobs for teens online include completing online surveys, where you can earn a little cash, but you’ll have to spend anything between 10 minutes and half an hour answering questions. You’ll be giving your opinions for an online survey for a market research company’s client. Be careful you don’t end up paying out any money yourself.

There are jobs online for teens that like to create informative or amusing videos. You may not realise it, but these videos can earn their creators a lot of money. YouTube will pay you a percentage of the advertising revenue if you sign-up for an account. So if you’re able to create some good videos that get shared online a lot, you could make some money yourself.

Are you looking for online jobs for teenagers that enjoy posting to Facebook or tweeting? Then how about turning this into an online teen job! If you have the pulse of what other teenagers are into, you could use this information to advise companies on social media, especially smaller companies who may be struggling.

Other online jobs for teens that are wheeler-dealers, could include buying and selling stuff online. This could be something you make yourself, or somebody else’s products or services, either directly or through an affiliate scheme.

If you have good graphic design skills and abilities on a PC / laptop, then you could produce designs for companies, such as a new logo or an advertising flyer or even a new website if you know about coding too. You can find online jobs for teens through the various graphic design and freelance sites on the Internet.

Website design– Someone advised that if you’re a techno-savvy teen, you could design websites for family friends and relatives who have small businesses; perhaps that uncle who’s a painter and decorator or the older cousin with a hairdressing salon. Lots of small companies still don’t have sites or need theirs updating and will appreciate (and pay) for even a simple design.

Landscaping: Investopedia advised that teens can do this to earn a few cash during their holidays. He said, whether you join a landscaping business, or set out to offer your landscaping or lawn care services yourself, this seasonal job is a great choice for teens who love to spend time outdoors. Since many people don’t have time to care for their lawns, this job is often in high-demand through the raining season months. Teens who aren’t afraid to get dirty can cash in on this demand and they’ll also be getting some physical activity while lining their wallets with cold, hard cash.

Tutoring: He further noted that teens that are particularly bookish or aspire to work as a teacher might enjoy spending their holiday months tutoring. Kids that are doing holiday lessons often need the extra help, and this presents a real opportunity for teens that are particularly talented in certain subject areas. Tutors that are proficient with computers could also teach adults computer skills.

Internships: Someone indicated that, this presents an ideal option for teens that are already on course toward a particular career. This will assist with gaining real industry experience that’ll look great on a resume. Even though many of these types of positions are unpaid, the experience that can be gained from completing an internship could be priceless when you consider the professional experience that can be gained. Teens can locate internship opportunities through their high school guidance counsellors, or by being bold and approaching their target companies directly.