Life has never been a bed of roses to those that are desirous of being successful in life. Life in itself is packaged with a number of challenges for all and sundry but there are certain skills that are necessary to surmount these challenges just as you have different applications on your smartphones to help you solve different problems.

Attention must be given to learning the skills to be discussed in this article to equip you with the paraphernalia to succeed in life. You must note that these skills are not esoteric, they are not classified. It can be developed by any willing individual. The skills include but are not limited to:

Communication skills

Communication is an important fabric of our society. It helps us to relate effectively with one another. You must learn to communicate effectively such that your message is properly decoded by your listeners. You do not necessarily have to be a demagogue to communicate effectively. It bothers around your self-expression. Learn to express yourself effectively by making sure to pass a succinct message always.


You have football teams in your schools and you know that every football teams have a captain who is the team leader. For every team to record victory, they must work as a team that they are. They must listen to one another, understand individual’s diversity and capitalise on it. Everyone must know his place on the team. The beauty of a team is such that they are customised to achieve a set goal. Your debating team are designed to represent the school for debates. You must however learn to be an effective team player to succeed in life as no success is achieved in isolation. Together everyone achieves more.

Problem solving

Growing up, I learnt to think, “How can I solve this problem?” Instead of giving up, I stood up to my challenges and exhausted my options on ways to get a problem solved. The reality of such thinking is that, no problem escapes my solution. This skill distinguishes a man. It keeps him resolute to win at all times. If you shy away at every little problem that raises it ugly neck at you, you cannot survive in life because our environment has been customised with all kinds of problems begging for solution, natural and artificial problems. Always confront your problems headlong with an avalanche of solutions.

Critical Thinking

Every man has a heart and a head with a brain, thinking is however necessary to succeed when given a critical consideration. Thinkers are leaders. They carve out new model to solve problems. What many young minds do is to worry and mis-construct it as thinking. They are two different things. When you worry, you get weary but thinking births an unusual enthusiasm in you. You experience an awesome epiphany. Sharpen your thoughts through meditation. Give yourself time to think and take note of your thoughts. Your next best idea can come from there.