Classrooms are evolving into smart classrooms, the classrooms of old is not what it used to be today, now technology has left its imprint in the four walls of the classrooms. Students are finding navigating the waters of education much simpler and easier than what it used to be. The compass, is digital and it comes in various sizes, shapes and features.

As a teacher, you need to know the right tool to adopt from the many being used because there are some apps that are more user friendly and has amazing features best suited for your classroom because students of today are digital citizens.

These apps are fundamental to deliver the classroom of the future today.

  1. is one of the largest students’ engagement online e-learning platforms in Nigeria that targets underserved teachers and students by digitizing the Secondary school class notes according to curriculum based syllable for a remarkable learning experience. With millions of users across the 36 States in the country already benefiting and sharing testimonials of the features and resources designed for effective classroom engagement and development.                                                        
  1. Samaskull is an amazing app made in Africa by Africans and for Africans. It provides an interactive Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and small private online courses (SPOCs) for students who prefer a safe and private one on one lesson with a database of unlimited educational materials. This made in Senegal Coursera style app, is designed as an innovative and open platform to enable Africans to take full control of their future.
  1. is an e-learning environment connecting learners and teachers from all over the world for an educative experience. Tutors can be learners, university colleagues or even test preparation companies. The aim is to foster a learning space with no boundaries. It helps learners improve their basic academic skills like reading, spelling, science, creative arts and incorporates non-academic skills like catering, make-up tutorials etc.
  1. Google Apps for Education is a multimedia resource framework designed to help students work together in groups irrespective of their location. Its comprehensive nature affords students the opportunity to collaborate and exchange materials and documents through Google Documents and even interact with each other. It is built with other features like Google Slides for presentations and Google Drawings for diagrams.
  1. Another great tool is the TalkBoard which is effective in illustrating and sharing ideas real time. With an iPad, students can fully maximize this app and express their creativity and innovative genius with any task the teacher gives to them. Studies prove that this is an amazing app that aids language learning, autistic students and visual challenged learners.

These digital tools foster Students engagement and keep their focus and concentration in the classroom. By figuring out which tool is best tailored for your students, you are on your way to turning your classroom into a smart classroom learning environment.