5 Notable Nigerians you should know



  1. Samuel Achilefu is a Nigerian-born Scientist and medical researcher who has pioneered both fundamental and applied research in science, engineering, and medicine. the Nigerian Radiologist who invented high-tech infrared goggles to enable surgeons to see cancer cells during surgery. Thanks to his invention, otherwise known as “cancer goggles”, surgeons can now ‘see’ cancerous cells.
  2. Silas Adekunle is a Nigerian inventor technology entrepreneur known for creating the world’s first intelligent gaming robot.
  3. John Oluseun Dabiri is a Nigerian-American aeronautics engineer and the Centennial Chair Professor at the California Institute of Technology, with appointments in the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories and Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Jessica O. Matthews: Jessica O. Matthews is the Founder & CEO of Uncharted Power, an award-winning renewable power company that specializes in harnessing the energy from motion to create entire ecosystems of power for communities around the world.
  5. Seyi Oyesola is a Nigerian doctor, who co-invented “hospital in a box”. Fed up with hospitals that were always short in supplies and prone to outages, Dr Oyesola co-invented hospital in a box, a mini-hospital run with solar energy or off-grid and completely mobile.

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