Since edtech hit the scene many moons ago, it has been hotly debated. It’s seen as a panacea to some and the scourge of the education system to others. How do I view it? Well, I am more of a middle of the road type of guy. I see edtech as a wonderful learning tool, but only when properly validated and properly utilized. It should never replac
e teacher-led instruction or become a substitute for quality educators. It should always be a useful tool or resource, serving as an extension of a great teacher. I am thankful for the proliferation of edtech, and in this piece, I will tell you exactly why.

  1. It has democratized education. Because of edtech, people from all walks of life, all over the world have access to quality educational materials, many of which are no cost or freemium.
  2. It has helped to close the achievement and opportunity gaps. The education of the haves and the have-nots, white citizens and people of color where once unequal. However, edtech has helped to close the gap, by helping teachers provide students from both sides of the railroad tracks with a quality education. This has not been fully realized, but we are close to it. Let’s be thankful for that.
  3. It has improved the teaching and learning process. It has never been easier to be a teacher, as edtech has made mundane teaching tasks automated, saving teachers a ton of time in the process.
  4. It allows people to become lifelong learners easily. The proliferation of edtech has made it easy for people to become lifelong learners. You don’t have to show up to brick and mortar classroom to learn Mandarin Chinese; you can do it anywhere by taking an asynchronous or synchronous online course or using your phone to access the Rosetta Stone app.
  5. It holds us accountable. Edtech has made it easy for us to use learning and data analytics to hold every education stakeholder accountable. Students can be made aware of their specific areas of weakness and be pushed to work hard to become proficient. Teachers can be provided with value-added assessment data that will allow them to see how much growth each student has made while under their tutelage. This holds them accountable and allows them to help their students succeed academically.

Why are you thankful for edtech?

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