Hey, don’t be deluded by the fact that this article points directly to leaders. You are in every form a leader, or are you disputing that fact? Let’s get to know who a leader is as our first point of discourse.

A leader is one who influences others to achieve a common goal; we are not wrong to say Leadership is influence. Now, do you influence people? Yes! As young chaps, you most of the time influence younger chaps that look up to you. Now, you agree with me that you are a leader.

I can convince you further by telling you that a leader is anyone who sees a need and does his bit and best to fill that need. At one time or the other, I’m guessing you must have seen your colleague hungry and cashless and you decided to lend him a helping hand. You just took on the place of a leader!

You do not need a position to fit in as a leader, you are always a leader so let that consciousness be resident in you from today and always.

I intend to address the issues that destroy a leader easily, although the list is endless but this article intends to address just five.

  1. Pride: Pride goes before a leader’s fall. Any leader that has a ‘superior mentality’ will die in isolation. It is important to embrace humility and treat people well. Stop going about bragging, embrace humility always!
  2. Insecurity: Leadership position amplifies a leader’s flaw. When a leader is insecure, it limits his/her productivity. Don’t be intimidated by the success of your colleagues, rather celebrate them.
  3. Irresponsibility: It is good that a leader bears his yoke while he is young. Any leader that does not take responsibility is irresponsible. There is so much to do, roll your sleeves, get to work and do your best.
  4. Distraction: Distraction keeps a leader off course and hampers his productivity as a result. Do well to keep away from things that are distracting, Television, Games etc. They make you perform less than expected.
  5. Dishonesty: When a leader is dishonest, people lose trust in him especially his followers. Make your word your bond always. If you happen to be prefects, don’t tell lies; uphold the banner of truth in your leadership.

This will be it for now, I challenge you to reminisce on the key points above and see to it that it doesn’t reflect in you in any guise. Cheers!