I like the way Chris puts it, he wrote, “Adolescence is a time of life when a person’s self esteem is known to fluctuate significantly. It is estimated that up to a half of adolescents will struggle with low self esteem, many of these occurrences during the early teen years”.

As much as this is clear, how do you know if a teenager has a problem with low self esteem? They don’t just come out clear about it to tell you. What you would learn in this article is the major indicators of poor self esteem among teenagers. The signs discussed in this material are not all inclusive but indicative of the signs that makes one know that a teenager has low self esteem.

  1. They Walk with their head down

Most teens tend to walk with their head down many times when they lack self-esteem. This physically indicates that they feel ashamed and embarrassed. They go about this way feeling dejected that nobody seems to like or appreciate them. They feel nudged to hide themselves from the public and this seems to be their best way out.

  1. They don’t make eye contact when talking

The shy teens who do not believe in their prowess don’t even make even attempts of connecting with the eyes of others, they feel bullied and uneasy, and they get nervous and bothered with the fear of the unknown. They have a poor belief of who they are, they reason that they mean nothing to people so why should they even attempt to look them in the eye, of which on the contrary, a bold teen, looks directly into the eye of anybody, respectfully!

  1. They seem to brag a lot

They try to fight the feeling of un-acceptance and irrelevance by bragging about even little things. They tell you how good they are, they even exaggerate the little things they have, to gain acceptance from their colleagues. They want to be heard, appreciated but constantly, the negatives words play out internally. The best way they can deal with it to some of them is to brag which doesn’t sound right.

  1. They don’t go well socially

They tend to make few friends because of poor self esteem, they do not believe in themselves and just the same way, they do not believe that any one can like or appreciate them. Instead of confidently forging social connections with their colleagues, they are hesitant, they reason out why the other person wouldn’t like to be friends with them and as self-defeating as that is, they don’t get to make new friends as a result.

  1. They apologise always

The reason many teens apologise so much is because they feel guilty all the time. They believe they have offended people and thus, they apologise time and time again even in cases where they could have explained what they did, they just apologise. They want to always be seen as good which might not be entirely possible so they apologise incessantly as ever.