OK, Many of us are guilty of this. We are too tied up in technology from our phones to Facebook to Twitter to Instagram. It’s taking us away from having real, meaningful interactions with our friends and significant others. Check out these 8 ways technology is ruining your love life:

You’re Becoming Impatient

We’re conditioned to think that we’ll get a near-immediate response when we text someone. I get really annoyed when someone texts me and I respond, but they don’t text back for hours. I know you just had your phone, you texted me! We’re getting too antsy!

You’re Too Available

I feel like we’re getting sick of the people we love because we’re constantly able to talk to each other. I mean, we’re available via text, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever other apps we’re on. It’s too much! We’re not missing each other so when we’re in person, there’s almost nothing to talk about.

Our Conversations Are About Technology

Pretty much the only thing to discuss is a funny tweet you saw or someone’s latest selfie. We’ve gone from talking about our days to talking about what we saw online.

You’re Fighting Over Texts

Solving fights via text is the worst. When you have an argument, you need to talk it out in an actual face-to-face conversation. It’s fine to hash things out a little on your Phone, but you also need to discuss. It’s not healthy to have such a detached method of communication for important things.

You’re Not Texting Alone

Ok, I personally don’t do this, but I have a lot of friends that do. I have friends that are sitting down with groups of guys and crafting texts to send to their friends or crushes. We literally do not know how to interact with people anymore.