See, you’ve got to enjoy your secondary school days to the fullest while you’re still there. That’s because you’re likely to look back during adulthood and cherish the things you’re doing right now that seem dumb to you.

From my experience, here’s a list of things are most likely going to miss about secondary school when you become an adult:

1. School Assembly
Morning Assembly brings the whole school together as a family. It gives students a sense of pride in themselves and the school unity… especially if your school’s assembly is used to acknowledge and honour students for their accomplishments as well as have them actively involved in the running of the assembly.

2. Raising Hand
In the adult world of work, nobody politely raises their hand, waiting to be called on. Everyone just screams over one another, trying to be the dominant voice. Except you’re the type with a loud voice, that’s not something you’ll ever enjoy.

3. Guaranteed Lunch Breaks
In school, you must eat lunch — you’re shuttled off to a separate lunch room (which is called “a lunch room” because it’s a room only for eating lunch) and you either have it made for you at home, or can purchase/receive it from the school itself. Now that I’m left to my own devices, I rarely eat lunch. I always have stuff to do, or figure I’ll just eat a big dinner, but then I’m exhausted all day and get less done than if I hadn’t “worked” through my lunch hour.

4. You’re Surrounded By Your Peers
Look, no insult to people who are much younger or older — you can meet cool people of any age, much like you can meet absolutely terrible people who are your own age. But some things don’t really transcend generations, so it’s nice to know that at school, you’re guaranteed to have people your own age around. That way, you don’t have to explain to younger people what you’re going through, and you don’t have to listen to the advice of well-meaning people who’ve already been through it. Your peers, they get it (but that doesn’t mean they won’t still be impossibly cruel to you about it).

5. Occasional Fights
School can be really funny and weird in a way — a fight breaks out, people kind of watch, and then break it up if it gets too serious. Watching two friends fight over something so trivial can be really hilarious.

6. Backpacks
Women are not the only ones who need to carry around more than just their wallets, phone, and keys, but men are trapped in this gendered-accessory prison where we’ll be shamed for carrying anything that looks even remotely like a purse. The solution to this in school was, of course, the backpack, but once you become an adult it’s suddenly weird to walk around looking like you’re on your way to school. Even if your phone is too big for your pockets, you still can’t carry a bag as a guy.

What are you afraid you’ll miss when you leave school? Let us know in the comments!