I believe that everyone and every student can get good grades if they REALLY want to, even if they have never done well before or if they struggle with learning. Of course, there is much more to school than getting good grades. In fact, you can get good grades and not learn a thing. But, in general, getting good grades is part of the sign that you’ve paid the price of Becoming a Highly Capable Student™.

At PASS4LIFE, we define a Highly Capable Student™ as a student who has developed the essential capabilities

[beliefs and behaviours] for achieving Sustainable Success at school. That is, PASS4LIFE believes that inherent within you is an essential capability required to achieve sustainable success at school and in life. Thanks to PassNowNow for giving PASS4LIFE the opportunity to share these teachings and tips to enable those capabilities in you.

So, what do good grades mean? And how does a student develop the capabilities of getting good grades? Good grades mean differently for everyone, so you must decide for yourself. But the how to, here are 7 Essential Capabilities on how to get good grades.

How to Get Good Grades
1. Believe you can. You’ve got to believe you can. Because what you believe is what you get. So don’t ever think you are incapable of getting good grade. Every student is highly CAPABLE! In fact, every student have the capability to get good grades, even those who are slow to understanding or have done poorly in the past or may have no support. So, believe you can and it all start with the belief in your head.

2. Show up in class. So many student skip class and wonder why they get bad grades. Eighty percent of academic success is showing up always in class. If you show up in class when due, good things happen. You will be there for that surprise test or attendance. You will be there when the teacher suggest how to prepare for the upcoming test. Always show up in class if you really want to get good grades.

3. Do your assignments/homework. Any time you are assigned assignments/homework, make sure you do it. Homework/Assignments are usually a way to prepare you for tests and exams. So if you really want get good grades, take advantage of homeworks. They are one of the means of getting good grades.

4. Get on your teacher’s good side. Understand this, teachers are just like you and me. If you are nice to them, they will be nice to you and give you a break from time to time. Say hello to your teachers whenever you come across any of them. Be friendly and show respect to them. Don’t get paranoid, thinking that your teacher does not like you or hates you or is out to get you. Mind you, most of the time, they are not. So do try and get on your teacher’s good side.

5. Be strong in the red zone. In school, the red zone is those time when everything is on the line. When you have so many assignments to submit and upcoming test tomorrow and you need to prepare, work on it and get it done. It is at this point you need to be strong when big points (or pass marks) are at stake. It is at this point you need to relax, focus and get back on getting that desired grades.

6. Gather your resources. When it comes to school and getting good grades, gather your resources means getting others involved to help you. And by others, I mean, teachers, friends, parents and so on. Find someone who believes in you and cares about you and ask them for help in school. Be rest assured, that there are people willing to help you succeed in school. All you have to do is ask.

7. Develop smart study habits. Developing study habits is a must. Not only study habits but “smart” study habits. To do well in school, you’ve got to have smart study skills.

How are you getting good grades? How are you applying these secrets? I want to hear from you or if you have questions.

Ifeanyi Okolo is a motivational teacher, a blogger and an educationist. He creates and delivers concise Sustainable Success teachings and tips with the purpose of helping young people develop their potentials and improve performance capabilities at school and in life. Need to get in touch? Email: pass4lifesolutions@yahoo.com / Call: 08034599017 / Web: www.pass4life.com