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7 Fascinating Traits of People Born in March

Last month, I told you 8 qualities of people born in February, If you’re not born in February, you must have wondered what common qualities you may share with someone born in the same month with you. Well, If you’re born in March, here are the qualities of people born in the month of March. The planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces govern the month of March. You are a natural teacher, a philosopher and a perfectionist. You inherited phenomenal intuition and in general, will exercise more perception than logic in dealing with life.

1. Affectionate and Charismatic

These are some of the qualities which are often associated with people born in the month of March. They are very compassionate and love to serve others, if given their due respect.

2. They are enthusiastic and energetic

These people are extremely cheerful and they have verve for life. Their enthusiasm can rub off on people around them, and they spread happiness wherever they go. They never lose heart and keep smiling even in the toughest situations.  

3. They are highly intuitive

People born in March are highly intuitive and it’s practically impossible to deceive them. They sense any diabolical scheme against them instantly, therefore, they can make a really strong enemy. If you’re born in March, cultivate your intuition on a daily basis to have great powers of it.


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4. They adapt to any situation

Check out people born in March and you will discover that they can adapt to any terrain and situation. Give these people the basic needs of life and they will definitely survive. You might not believe this but its true. The ability to adapt to almost any situation is one of the strongest traits of people born in March.

5. They like SERENE environment

They prefer to live in their own world of creativity. People born in March prefer to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and can often be found in a quiet place lost in their own thoughts. They stay away from garish and loud people and would choose serenity and peace over fame and wealth any day. Sure, not all of people born in March are shy and introverts, but the majority of them.

6. They are devoted

The March born people can rarely, if ever, cheat on their loved ones. Devotion is a part of their lifestyle. They are very devoted partners and they stick to their lover during the toughest of times. They try to avoid people who think that unfaithfulness is not the end of the world. They stick to their own principles and let their partners know what they want in a relationship.

7. They are generous and sympathetic

People born in the month of March are blessed with wonderful qualities such as generosity and sympathy. Their generosity helps them win the admiration and love of other people that encourage them to continue in their disinterested acts. People born in March enjoy volunteering; they are always ready to help those in need

March born people are also noted for their sensitivity, creativity, and artistic values. Michelangelo and George Washington were Pisces’ and used their creativity to the fullest.

Here are some famous people born in March: Justin Bieber March 1, Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor of Telephone) March 3, Olusegun Obasanjo March 5, Bow Wow March 8, Albert Einstein March 14, Matthew Ashimolowo March 17, Queen Latifah March 18, Ronaldinho March 21, Mariah Carey March 27, Banky W March 27, Lady Gaga March 28, Bola Tinubu March 29, Celine Dion March 30, Sergio Ramos March 30.

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