Talk, read and write about it, you can also spell the words out loud. This will allow whatever it is that you are studying to sink deeply into your brain. If you find it difficult to read for long hours at a stretch, break it down into bits. Write as much as you read, it create a double emphasis on the material you are studying. You brain gets to be exceptionally alert in the process.

Draw, sketch or visualise it: Trying to convert written materials to visual materials is an effective study mechanism. It might be very difficult to forget whatever you are studying following this study step. Visualise the words in your mind’s eye.

Dance it, build a model of it or find some hands on activity related to it: Make the letters of the word out of clay. Sometimes you need to try to solve a problem when you come across it, it is in solving it that you learn effectively. Be pragmatic with your learning process.

Sing it, chant it, find a music that relates it or use background music while learning it: Sing the letters of the word on rhythm to a place of music. Take for example, the first 20 elements, you can sing the mnemonics you have designated for it in the form you want. It sticks faster. Country and capitals can also be done through this approach.

Relate it to a personal feeling or inner experience: Spell the word with feeling. When you are studying, consider the relationship of what you study with you personal experience. Are you studying about force, in what cases have you used force to generate an outcome? You need to enmesh your personal experience with your study materials, it has positive outcomes.

Conceptualise it, quantify it or think critically about it: Engage your mind in study, don’t allow your mind wander in a mindless manner during important studying periods, it is important to be whole and alert and engage your mind during study. It has enviable outcomes attached to it.

Work on it with another person or group of people: You can have a friend that will test you in your study. It is always advisable to engage in group study. Ask questions and allow yourself to also be asked questions relating to any study you have conducted or whatever it is you have learnt and you would be glad you did.