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7 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Sharing Photos Online

Digital citizenship is one of the big things we talk about on Passnowow. It’s basically being a good person online. Being a good person involves a lot more than just not spamming or trolling, mind you. It involves keeping yourself and your friends safe. One of the biggest ways to do that is to know about these questions to ask yourself before sharing photos online.

This must-have flowchart from Common Sense Media lays it all out in an easy-to-read format. It wants you to ask yourself what you think the right thing to do is after taking a photo of a friend. First off, it starts with a simple question: is it a good photo? If it is, you can continue on, if it’s not great then perhaps you should consider holding off and not passing GO or collecting some Naira.

The following steps should make you think and perhaps even rethink how you act online. This is a great poster to hang up in your classroom and to start the digital citizenship discussion.

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