Students can achieve higher academic performance by completing a few things the “correct” way to reach their objectives.

But it gets very challenging for some students who can’t cope with the pressures of attending class, earning high marks, planning for school and networking.

I often tell students that they need to know that academic success is achievable if they do the right thing.

In this article, we have compiled some quick tips you have to follow to help you succeed academically.

Use these tips and techniques to improve your academic performance and optimize your learning experience.

-Discipline Yourself

You must control your approach towards your academics as a student. Discipline yourself to study for at least one or two hours per day, or until you comprehend what you are studying
Do not study just for the sake of attaining a specific grade. You must study to know and understand since academic development is more than getting a high score.

-Stay Focused

Get off all distractions while you are studying. To succeed academically, you must remain focused on your studies, ignore things that will distract you, less play more studying.

Staying focused should not stop you from having fun with family and friends, after all, there is a saying that goes thus, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, the most important thing is balancing it.

Engage yourself in fun activities with friends. Having fun is part of learning.
-Manage Your Time

Successful students manage their time well. Learn how to create a balance between your responsibilities and time to study.
Do this activity and see amazing results.

Remember procrastination can hinder your academic success.

-Ask Questions

I remember during my day in secondary school, I had the nickname questionnaire, because I ask a lot of questions, and it helped me.

If you are not clear with a particular concept in a subject, ask your teacher, don’t be shy.

Whenever you ask questions, your teacher will attend to you, and you will gain an understanding of where you are stuck.

-Pay Attention to Details in class.

Students who pay attention to details in the classroom tend to excel because they listen carefully to whatever the teachers say, and they understand them.

-Use Passnownow

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On Passnownow, you can access preparatory-past questions for exams like WAEC, JAMB and JSSCE.


I often encourage students to embrace research because I know how valuable it is in developing a child academically.
Use google, Youtube and other platforms on your mobile phone or computer to research topics that will help improve your academic abilities.

I believe these seven quick tips discussed in this article will help you in your academics. If you follow them actively, remember there are many more tips that can help you excel in your studies, we only highlighted seven of them.

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