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7 Things You Don’t Have To Do Just Because You’re Single

Being single can be really fun. I mean, take it from me, I’ve been living the single life for some time now. I’m really good at it, too.

Anyway, there are some things you definitely should do when you’re single, but there are plenty of things you shouldn’t do just because you’re a walking version of “Single gurl/dude”.

Check out these things you don’t have to do when you’re single:

Alert The World That You’re SingleI stumbled across these bracelets called “My Single Bands” that are to be worn to alert others that you’re single. Yeah…this is real. Don’t wear these.

Go On DatesIf you want to go on dates, you should totally go on dates! But you shouldn’t feel pressured to do so just because you’re single.

Hook Up With EveryoneYou also don’t have to go on a hookup rampage because you’re living the single life.

Ignore Your Friends In RelationshipsDon’t be annoyed with your friends who are in relationships when you’re single. Don’t ignore them and cut them out of your life just because they’re coupled up.

Isolate YourselfDon’t go into a single-spiral of depression and stop doing things that you love.

Change YourselfJust because you’re single doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you or that you need to change who you are. Take this time to find yourself, not change yourself.

Convince Yourself You’re Forever Alone – Don’t think that just because you’re single now that you’re going to be single forever! That’s not the case at all.

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