It’s a new year, which is awesome. We’re all about resolutions and trying new things in 2015. But it’s also a new term, which means y’all are back in school. I know the beginning of the term can be a bit hectic. You could be adjusting to new teachers, new classes, and new friends. It’s easy for things to quickly become a mess, but we don’t want that to happen!

This year, I challenge you to pick up some good habits right away so your school life doesn’t completely suck. It’s really not hard. You just have to make a point to do certain things and avoid others. If you want to have a great term, avoid these 7 things:

Negative Distractions – If you’ve ever had a really crappy term, think about what was going on. Were you friends with super negative people who made you feel badly about yourself or who didn’t care about anything? Were you distracted by things that aren’t actually important to you? Start the term off right by removing those kinds of things from your life.

Procrastination – Procrastination is your worst nightmare, and it only gets worse the longer you do it. If you don’t procrastinate at the beginning of the semester and get into the habit of doing things right away, you’ll be much better off. Do your homework in your free time, read ahead a little, and just don’t put assignments off until the last minute.

Not Determining Your Priorities – Take a look at your class schedule and identify which ones are going to be the hardest. All of your classes are important, but you need to spend more time on the classes that you find yourself struggling with.

Not Asking For Help – Don’t let this be a term where you only ask for help when you’re desperate. Start the term off by knowing exactly what you need help in and get a preemptive start. Get a tutor before you’re failing. Go to extra help even if you understand everything except one small thing. Get into a study group before you really have anything to study for.

Being Disorganized  – I know one of the most common resolutions is to get more organized, but it’s something that’s really important, especially in school. Get separate notebooks for your classes. Create individual folders on your computer for every class so all of your documents are in their own spot.

Not Taking Advantage Of Apps And Resources – There’s an app for everything, and there are a bunch of school apps that can help you keep organized and quiz you on classes.

Not Being Involved – One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get involved in school activities. There are so many things you can do from playing sports to joining a club to working on the school Press Club. Just get involved with something. Being involved in a school activity helps you meet people and figure out things you actually like doing. You never know what will happen!