While chasing the dream of making our life more enjoyable and our daily routine less boring, we sometimes come up with ideas that seem totally ridiculous, but yet are amazing in terms of functionalities. Below are 9 weird but amazing inventions in recent times

1. Ostrich Pillow

Make yourself comfortable

2. Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings

Not the ones you should wear with your favourite dress

3. Goggle Umbrella

Watch out!

4. Hug me pillow

Your spooky second half.


5. Knitted beard hat

For you to feel warm and manly


6. LED slippers

Good stuff, especially if you are afraid of ghosts in your bathroom


7. Shower Mic

Doesn’t turn you into a better singer, but definitely makes you look awesome!



8. The weight watch belt

No matter how hard you try to cheat, this item will not let you to.