Most students are usually scared of the examination period in their schools especially those ones who are not particularly brilliant. Here are some tips to help you get better results at the end of this term.

  1. Preparation – Proper planning prevents poor performance.
  2. Take notes as you read – This helps you better understand what you are reading.
  3. Go back to basics – Students always like to concentrate on harder topics that they neglect to face the relatively easy ones. Give equal concentration to both simple and hard topics.
  4. Believe in Yourself – Your attitude to any exam should be; “if only one candidate will pass this exam, it will surely be me”.
  5. Treat Past Questions – Past questions are repeated all the time so endeavor to use them before your exam.
  6. Time yourself during practice – While using your past question, time yourself and see if you will be able to meet up with the allocated time.
  7. Read questions before attempting – It is important to read and understand your questions before attempting to answer them.
  8. Obey examination rules – The rules are simple, do yourself a favor and stick to them. This will actually allow you to focus better on what you have in front of you rather than turning your head like an antenna seeking signal.
  9. Understand the marking scheme – You should find out which questions carry the most points especially in cases where you have both essay and multiple choice questions. Don’t waste so much time on questions that carry little marks.