Abia University To Make Igbo Language A Compulsory Course For All Students

Gregory University, Uturu (GUU), Abia State, is to introduce Igbo language as a compulsory course in the second year. The news was announced at the 6th edition of the Igbo (Uturu) Cultural Carnival, held at the university, by Prof. Ihechukwu Madubuike, Director, Igbo Renaissance.

“By the next two years, the university plans to introduce the Igbo language as a compulsory subject for all students in the second year,” Prof. Madubuike said.

“Whether you are Yoruba, Hausa or Efik, you must take Igbo as a compulsory subject, in spite of your area of specialisation.”

He described the Igbo language as the “soul of the culture of Ndigbo,” stressing that the whole culture will become extinct should the language disappear.

The initiator and sponsor of the carnival said that the objective of the yearly event was to provide a platform for the transmission of Igbo culture from one generation to another, among others.

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