All The Text Message Acronyms You Ever Wanted To Know

Teens these days, constantly with their noses in their phones, texting their friends who are nine feet away from them. And if you had to take their phone away from them, you probably can barely decipher what they’re saying. While some of the abbreviations are pretty mainstream and/or understandable (LOL has been around for ages, and K is fairly self explanatory to everyone besides my grandmother), other abbreviations definitely need some deciphering.

So here it is: your fun post of the day – a guide to understanding the text messages students send.  For the record, I’m firmly in the camp of using actual words, but I will admit to using shortcuts on my iPhone. My mother was taught how to text by one of her 18 year old employees, and so her messages to me are riddled with abbreviations. What about you? Are you an abbreviator?

Do You Know These Text Abbreviations?

  • BTWITIAILWY: By the way, I think I am in love with you
  • POS: Parents over shoulder
  • NTK: Nice to know
  • WFM: Works for me
  • WDYT: What do you think?
  • DKDC: Don’t know, don’t care
  • JW: Just wondering

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