Amazing Brain Facts every Teen should know

The brain is probably the most essential part of the human body, especially considering how it is responsible for the coordination of activities in the body; including the ability to think, feel, move and express, etc. In other words, the brain controls both our voluntary and involuntary actions including respiration, an activity that is undeniably [...]

Teens! Here is Everything to Know About the Harmattan Season

Hello there! Are you currently feeling the harmattan cold against your skin? Chances are that if you live in Nigeria or anywhere near West Africa, you are currently “enjoying” the very special weather called harmattan. In Lagos right now, everywhere is chilled up and we love it! Unlike other parts of Nigeria, the harmattan season [...]

Do You Live On a Street, Road, Cul de Sac, Or an Avenue? What Really Is the Difference?

If you live in a city, you would have heard such designations like avenue, street, road and close. Perhaps, you wondered what each of them meant and what criteria were reached before they arrived at these designations. Worry your fine heads no more as this article seeks to put the mystery to rest once and [...]

Interesting Habitat Facts (Ocean)

Oceans form the largest habitat on the planet and are thought to be the place where all life started. Thousands and thousands of different animal species inhabit the world's ocean waters and can be found at water depths of just a centimetre to nearly 11 kilometres beneath the water's surface. The oceans are so big [...]

An Explanation For Skin Scars After Wounds Heal

We all get wounded at some point in our lives or the other; it’s almost unavoidable! But have you ever wondered why the skin tends to leave a scar each time a wound [or wounds] heals? When I was going up as a teenager, this is one of the things that puzzled my curious minds. [...]

Here Are Some Famous Quotes About Education

Some of the greatest minds the world has ever known understood/understands just how indispensable education is to humanity. Little wonder they took out time to voice their perspectives on education, some quotes of which have become legendary. In this post, I have compiled some of the most famous quotes about education. This is meant to [...]

SUEZ CANAL: The Project That Intrigued Pharaohs, Kings, Generals, and Even Caused Several Wars

The Suez Canal is a 163 km long artificial waterway that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, and also separates the African continent from Asia. It provides the shortest sea route between Europe and countries of South East Asia, cutting travel time by more than 7,000 km! Before the construction of this canal, [...]

All About The Paper: The History And Process Of Paper-Making

As a student, you have to handle paper every day, all the time; throughout the duration of your studentship and beyond. You read texts written on paper, write on paper and draw on paper. Indeed, paper is so vital to everything we do in the classroom. But then it’s beyond the school really because we [...]

Teens Be Careful: These Plants Could Kill You!

Ever wondered how poisons are made? Being young and curious, I bet your curious minds often ponder over these things. But really…has it ever occurred to you that poisons are often made from toxic plant extracts? But then how toxic can these plants be? Now that’s something to consider! And while you are busy considering [...]

Ever Heard of the ECHIDNA? That Interesting Mammal That Lays Eggs!

Echidnas are medium-sized, solitary mammals covered with coarse hair and spines, and are also known as spiny anteaters. Though mammals, they are different from other mammals in that they lay eggs! Animals with this unique feature are called monotremes. Together with the duckbill platypus, they are the only living mammals that lay eggs and belong to [...]

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