Amazing Photos: One dad spends billions creating incredible van to take his 4-yr-old daughter around the world

It is the ultimate recreational vehicle – and send to make one four year old extremely happy.

The KiraVan, a giant custom built off road truck, is capable of travelling almost anywhere in the world and was designed by 61 year old Californian inventor Bran Ferren.

The incredible interior boasts everything from a fully stocked office, kitchen and bedroom, to a popup tent on the roof for Kira, Ferren’s four year daughter the truck was designed for.

Bran Ferren, the 61 year old cofounder and chief creative officer of Applied Minds, a world-renowned tech and design firm whose on-the-record customer list includes General Motors, Intel, and the US Air Force, has spent four years travelling the world to talk to experts as he finalised the truck’s design.

The huge six-wheeled vehicle can drive down mud-swamped roads, and even rock covered roads thanks to kevlar reinforced tyres.

It will be able to travel up to 2,000 miles without resupply and navigate slopes as steep as 45 degrees thanks to a special suspension system.

The cockpit also has a special vibration reducing chair, as well as control for drones that can fly ahead to check traffic.

However, while the truck itself is impressive, the trailer is even more so.

At 31 feet long and more than 10 feet high, it is better equipped than most homes.

It has an ecofriendly bathroom, a custom-designed kitchen where meals can be prepared, along with storage space for two weeks of travelling.


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