AMAZING! This vibrating wristband ensures you’re ALWAYS connected with your beloved


TapTap, the vibrating wristband that “connects you and your beloved as if you never left each other” has been put onto Kickstarter in order to raise funds for its development.

Woodenshark, the firm behind the TapTap, says it is trying to simplify the way that you can keep in touch with somebody you care about. The idea certainly is simple: tap one wristband and the corresponding wristband will vibrate.

And, according to Woodenshark, this will allow couples and intimate friends to create their own “secret language, whether you want to say ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, ‘I’m thinking of you’ or ‘I’m waiting for you’.”

The wristband itself is a hypoallergenic silicone slap-bracelet and has a plastic module which comes in a variety of different colours. When the so-called “TapSpot” on the top of the wristband is tapped, a capacitive sensor senses the touch.

There’s also an accelerometer, which allows the wristband to determine the force of the tap – tap softly, and your “TapMate” will receive a soft vibration, whereas a strong tap will send a strong vibration.

Thanks to the technology packed inside the wristband, a wealth of raw data can be collected. As a result, Woodenshark are encouraging third party developers to look into how the TapTap can be otherwise used. So far, the initial suggestions range from using the wristband as a sleep alarm to using it to analyse sports and fitness performance.

To raise the necessary funds for further development and manufacturing of the TapTap, Woodenshark have taken it to crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

At the time of writing, just over $83,000 of the $130,000 goal has been funded, with the deadline coming on November 22. If the target is hit, then Woodenshark is predicting that the TapTap could be ready to ship by April next year.

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