American Trained Teen Development Expert Launches Teen IT Factor for Young Nigerians


The teenage age is a formative stage for lifelong behavioural traits, positive and/or negative. With so many Western influences bearing down on our young people, it is of importance that parents and guardians take a keen interest in ensuring that the plethora of negative influences are not allowed to go unchecked.

Teen IT Factor is a workshop with the goal of properly transitioning teens into adulthood. This workshop explores professionalism, relationships, charity, religion, personal image, self-development, and other topics in a nurturing forum that helps them discover and prepare for adult life. Teen IT Factor ends with a closeout dinner and a day trip, usually conducting community service.

Classes feature a variety of speakers using the right multimedia and resources to impact knowledge in a comfortable environment. Teens have the opportunity to instantly practice new knowledge with facilitators, speakers, and their peers.

The next weekly workshop will be held from 10am to 2pm daily, between August 26 and 30, 2013.

According to Teen IT Factor coordinator, Tinu Arowojolu, “Birthdays, graduation dinners, and proms are just a few of the formal events where teens practice their etiquette, networking, and social skills.

“In today’s technological and lightning-paced world, these skills are easily lost. Proper etiquette remains vital to top leadership positions. Network and presentation skills are required as early as a university student’s first year, when coursework requires exhibiting confidence and poise.”

Tinu is an American trained computer scientist and government contractor who’s also passionate about youth and has several years experience training young Nigerian and American youth in her base in Baltimore, Maryland.

She adds, “Don’t allow your teen to be thrust into a new situation and not know what to do or how to behave. The teen “IT” factor finishing school provides a well-rounded advantage to your child(ren) preparing for adult life. Programme speakers feature successful young professionals, highly-esteemed seasoned professionals, and renowned entrepreneurs.”

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