An Amazing Discovery One Teen Made At The Beach

Take a typical trip to the beach and you might stumble upon a cool seashell or if you’re lucky, an ice cream truck. But for one mother-daughter duo, getting their feet wet in the ocean meant hitting the jackpot.

According to, Darlene Curley and her 16-year-old daughter were visiting Daytona Beach from Etowah, Tenn., when they came across a purse containing $13,087.88 in cash.

The good Samaritans returned the purse with the cash to Beach Safety Ocean Rescue officers, where it was ultimately claimed by a woman from Maryland.

“I’m glad she got her money back and her belongings and that she was safe,” Curley told WPTV, who was concerned that something may have happened to the owner of the purse. “That was more our worry than anything — that she was okay.”

Curley and her daughter aren’t the only ones who have made some lucky discoveries. Last month, Oklahoma teen Tana Clymer found a 3.85-carat diamond at a state park, which she named “God’s Jewel.”

Similarly, earlier this year, two Norwegian teens found a bag of 467,200 kroner (about $81,500) left on a train. The passengers were able to locate the identity of the bag’s owner and arrange for him to pick it up from the police.

Big question: Would you be that nice if you made such discovery?

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