ANNOUNCING THE A – LISTERS: A celebration of academic excellence among secondary school students

There is nothing as satisfying as being appreciated for your efforts – two things are involved: you want to do more, and other people doing things related to that which you are being appreciated for will also strive to be excellent so that they can be appreciated as well.

Announcing the A – Listers is a feature on passnownow aimed at showcasing secondary school students who have been exceptional in their academics. The idea of ‘Announcing The A-Listers’ is to help secondary school students see academic excellence beyond just prerequisite for gaining admission into tertiary institutions; after all, you don’t have to perform exceptionally well before you can proceed into a higher institution of learning.

As implies, we want to announce and celebrate students who have been particularly brilliant in their studies, and who are worthy of note.

Members of the public are hereby encouraged to send in entries of secondary school students who have good academic records. 

Please note, students can send in entries for themselves.

For nomination, please send entries in this format:

  • Name of candidate
  • Secondary school
  • A short write-up on the candidate (Not more than 100 words), stating why s/he should make the list
  • One or two pictures of the candidate.

For clarity, please attach copies of the candidate’s last academic results. For those who have finished secondary school, SSCE and maybe UTME (not necessary) are required.

Nominations should be sent

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