Introduction to Application Software

Application software is any tool that functions and is operated by the means of a computer with the purpose of supporting or improving the software user’s work. It is used for the implementation of the computer user’s work.

 Types of Application Software

It is divided into two which are

(i) User application software: User – written software are tailored  to meet the user’s specific needs. This includes spread sheet templates, word processor macros, scientific stimulations, graphics, and animation scripts. Users create this software themselves and often overlook how important it is.

(ii) Application packages: This is when multiple applications are bundled together as one package. It is also known as application suite. Examples are Microsoft office, Open, and iwork which bundle together a word processor, a spread sheet, and several other discrete applications. The separate applications in a suite usually have some capability to interact with each other in ways beneficial to the user.

Application Package Categories

General purpose application software packages: These are general tools that provide specific capabilities, but not in support of specific purpose. Examples are:

(i) Word Processing: This is the process of using a computer to create, edit and print text – based documents. Examples are Ms – word, Word star, Word perfect, Window Word pad etc.

(ii) Spreadsheet: This is a table of values in rows and columns. Each value can have a predefined relationship to other values. Spreadsheet applications are computer program that let you create and manipulate spreadsheets electronically.

(iii)  Powerpoint Presentation: A presentation program is a computer software package used to display information, normally in the form of a slide show to present either a business proposal, seminar or class lessons…

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