Are Tattoos Safe: All You Need To Know Before Piercing Your Skin


Body Tattoo art has become very popular in recent years. Nigeria is among those countries where teens and people of other age groups prefer to have one or more tattoos on their body. They are similarly popular in females. Besides its popularity, it also has side effects and dangers but first let us talk about what actually tattoo art is and how it can be harmful  to human body.

What is a Tattoo?

Tattoo is a modern form of art that is drawn on human body with the help of needles. A tattoo design may consist of a font, number, religious symbol or anything of one’s own choice.

What’s in Tattoo ink?

Tattoo ink is made up with metal salts and some chemical solutions. These chemical solutions can cause long term health hazard. Psoriasis, infection, tumours and dermatitis are common skin problem which cause due to tattoo ink.

What one can face?

Most of the time the needle is not changed, so that it cause Hepatitis B, C, syphilis and the deadly disease HIV. In some cases, the patient need to get a “Magnetic Resonance Imaging” test but doctors don’t want to execute this test because of metallic component of tattoo ink.

The ink of tattoo contains harmful chemical compounds which is very harmful for skin. The common effect of having tattoo is allergies. It can create skin rash which is caused by green and red tattoo ink. These inks are made up with mercury, nickel, cobalt as well as cadmium. This allergy comes in form of swelling, itching, hives, raised bump and irritation. These symptoms result in emission of clear sebum of your skin.

In many places, the tattoo professionals are not aware about the cleanliness of needle most of the time. They use same needle on different people. This may result in deadly disease HIV. When this needle comes in contact with blood cells, the harmful objects mix up with blood. Skin cancer is another possible disease which can be caused because of having tattoos.

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