The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has impeached it’s leader Yinka Gbadebo due to incompetence.

In a statement, NANS Senate President Emaluyi Sunday Michael said Gbadebo was impeached and replaced with Vice-President, Jubril Ahmed.

They accused Gbadebo of inability to serve the primary purpose of NANS to protect the general interest of all Nigerian students both at home and in Diaspora “before institutions, government parastatals, stakeholders and even other country’s policies.”

The statement cited the current impasse between the federal government and university teachers which has seen Nigerian students sitting at home for 65 days, saying Gbadebo was found wanting in the challenge of bringing both parties together.

“Rather he is aligning with a particular party and indulging in “Ghana-must-Go protest,” the statement said, adding that the “dilapidated and maggoty condition of Nigerian universities is of no concern to Ayefele.”

Read an excerpt from the students’ Press Release below:

‘The primary reason for the formation of National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) some decades ago was for the purpose of Nigeria students’ welfarism, protecting the general interest of all Nigerian students both at home and in Diaspora, before the institutions, government, parastatals, stakeholders and even other countries policies. This has however been cut – off, abandoned, rejected and marginalised by the “Australopithecus” Gbadebo led administration.

The Nigerian educational system especially that of the tertiary institution has witnessed topsy – turvy because of its hydra headed and centrally maggoty state, and the Comrade Yinka Gbadebo “barren” cabinet has done less than little in its revival.

It is pitiable at this juncture to state that the Ayefele regime has done more harm than good to the Nigerian Students as he does not know his duty as the numero uno of Nigerian students, controlling over seventy (70) million Nigerian students at home and in diaspora. Sadly, Nigeria students have been deprive of their fundamental right to higher education for sixty- five (65) days by intentionally remanding them in their various homes over the quagmire between ASSU and the federal government, yet the NANS president has been found wanting in his inability to bring both parties on the same page.

Rather he is aligning with a particular party and indulging in “Ghana-must-Go protest”. It is therefore obvious that the dilapidated and maggoty condition of Nigerian universities is of no concern to Ayefele.

More so, we have lost Nigerian students in recent insurgent attacks in the northern part of the country and the NANS president had paid deaf ears to the calamity Nigerian students are undergoing during this trial period. However, consequent to the constitution of the National Association of Nigeria Students’ national body, the provision of section 49 pointedly provides for the grounds on which the NANS president can be removed from office or impeached. The aforementioned section 49(1) states that:

“The president can be impeached on the grounds of incompetence or as therefore by his attitude or action which can be classified/regarded as misconduct”.

It is in this regard that I, comrade Emaluyi Sunday Michael, the Senate President of National Association of Nigerian Students; in the interest of Nigerian students and for the purpose of their adequate welfarism hereby subject to the “consensus addendum” reached in the Senate congress meeting earlier this week by Senate leaders: Babale P. Bala, Deputy Senate – President; Sen. Joseph J. Olatunde, Clerk; and other distinguished Senators namely Sen. Morphy Moch, Sen. Comrade Ojamomi Fashola A, Sen. Pam Ayuba, Sen. Daniel Sunday, sen. Emeka Jonathan, Sen. Abdulfatah Sule, Sen. Kehinde Ilori, Sen. Jimoh Raheem. Others include Sen. Mathew Earnet, Sen. Elumelu Tony, Sen. Patrick Nkechi, Sen. Donald Michael, Sen. Taye Sarumi, Sen. Bolaji Akande, Sen. Arome Abu and 94 other senators present, hitherto passed a “Vote of no confidence” on the NANS president Comrade Yinka Gbadebo a.k.a Ayefele on the grounds of incompetence, gross misconduct, sabotage, abuse of office, selfish alliance and also using NANS presidential office as a window of ventilation for the purpose of personal aggrandisement. This decision takes effect from this day 7th of September, 2013.

The doctrine of necessity therefore applies as the Vice – President Comrade Jubril Ahmed takes charge of the Presidential Office.

Conclusively, the new Vice – President shall be sworn in on the 11th of September, 2013, venue to be communicated on air. 

We also use this medium to call on the FG and ASUU to reach a compromise at the fastest possible means as students who have unnecessarily stayed at home are threatening to embark on actions that may cause nationwide unrest, corrosive aluta awakening and edu – sociological jihad.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta.

Thank you all, God bless you,

God bless Nigerian students,

God bless Federal republic of Nigeria

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