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An eager student of life, and a firm believer in the aphorism that "It isn't just enough to know, one must also be impressed with the urgency to do!"
A firm believer in the aphorism that "It isn't just enough to know, one must also do!"

5 Practical Truths No One Told You About Money

A lot has been said already about money, such things like: "Money makes the world go round" "Whoever said money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop" "Money is the root of all evil" and as many as you can come up with.  While the aim of this post is not to debunk or [...]

How To Identify Your Customers as an Entrepreneur

The science of knowing who your customers are is called market segmentation. It is the process of breaking down your customers into segments that share distinct similarities. Also, many business analysts encourage business owners to look beyond market segmentation and towards knowing who their non-customers are, and why these are not buying from them. But for [...]

Science: Forces of Gravity and Aerodynamics

What is Gravity? Gravity is a downward vertical force that keeps an object on the earth, or pulls it towards the surface of the earth. It is responsible for the weight that objects have, for the suspension of earth in space, its rotation round the sun, and also for the rotation of the moon round [...]

If Gravity Were Switched Off, This is What Will Happen to the Earth and Our Universe

We have all experienced the force of gravity. It is what happens to you when you jump up into the air, and fall right back down to the ground. But have you ever wondered: What if there was no gravity? What exactly would life on earth be like? Jay Buckey, a physician and one-time NASA astronaut, [...]

Why You Must Remove Earrings, Other Metallic Objects Before an X Ray Exam

Ever been to a radiologist for an exam, and told you would have to remove all metallic substances from your person? If you watch the Medical TV series, House, you would have come across the episode where a man felt he was being pulled apart after he was placed in an MRI machine. The reason? [...]

This Article Will Change How You Use the Prepositions IN, IN TO and INTO

The preposition in generally refers to being inside something: Adam stood alone in the elevator. While the preposition into generally means movement toward the inside of something: Adam walked into the elevator. But sometimes the meanings of in and into sometimes overlap. Examples: After waiting in the hallway for twenty minutes, I finally stepped into [...]

A Look Into How Your Body and Vaccines Fight Infections

When germs such as bacteria or viruses invade the body, they attack and multiply. This invasion is called an infection, and the infection is what causes illness. The immune system uses several tools to fight infections, such as:   Macrophages, which are white blood cells that swallow up and digest germs whether dead or dying [...]

How Can I Decide What My Future Career Should Be?

The path to deciding what career you would pursue in the future usually starts in SS1 in most schools, where you are ferried off to Science/Technology, Commercial or the Arts depending on how well you performed in your Junior School Exams. But how can you be so certain you are on the right path? Also, [...]

BLARNEY STONE: The Kissing of Which Confers the Gift of Eloquence

It is said that kissing the Blarney Stone confers on a person the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness. This iconic stone is set in a wall of Blarney Castle, and was constructed in 1446 by Dermot McCarthy, king of Munster, on the site of a demolished 13th century castle.  Various legends surround the Blarney Stone’s [...]

Shine Your Eyes! Don’t Fall For These Cheap Tricks By Scam Artists

If you receive a call from someone that you have won a big prize and should claim it by doing so-and-so, just hang up or delete the text message knowing you have avoided one of the most popular scams used by fraudsters, especially as approaching year-end festivities make people ever more desperate!  The scams can [...]

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