AWFUL: Student Slits Teacher’s Throat For Seizing His Phone While Using It In Class

A student in eastern China’s Jiangxi province murdered his chemistry teacher for taking away his mobile phone during a lesson.

The student, identified as Lei by local mass media, was playing with his phone during a chemistry lesson at a school in Fuzhou. His teacher, Mr. Sun Wakang noticed this, and confiscated the device. It was returned to the student at the end of the day.

The next day, Mr. Sun was grading papers in his classroom, when Lei paid his teacher a visit and slit his throat from behind. The 32-year-old teacher, father of one, bled to death at the scene as Lei fled. A fellow teacher heard the victim’s scream and called emergency, but Mr. Sun died before an ambulance arrived.

Today, Lei turned himself in to the Shanghai police after confessing to the crime by phoning the local emergency number.

The attack came just four days after Teacher’s Day was marked in China, a national holiday when students honour their teachers.

According to the school’s officials, Mr Sun had worked as a chemistry teacher at Linchuan No. 2 Middle School for five years before his unfortunate demise.

In China, ‘middle school’ comprises years 7-9 and 10-12 and is the final stage before higher education. Linchuan No. 2 Middle School is one of the best schools in Jiangxi Province and has one of the highest University acceptance ratios in the region.


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