BAD: 89% of Corps Members Can’t Write Good Application, Lack Communication Skills – NYSC coordinator

The Kano State Coordinator of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Mr Sanusi Abdulrasheed, has said that about 89 per cent of corps members could not write good application or communicate effectively in English Language, rather they prefer to communicate in “broken English.”

Making the assertion during the corps members passing out parade in Kano on Thursday,  Mr Abdulrasheed said this inadequacy  was  revealed in a research undertaken by NYSC managements nationwide.

According to him,  “I have been asked to remind you, and  I don’t want you to feel insulted, but it is a statement of fact. The NYSC managements throughout the federation noticed one thing in you: the majority of you were not communicating effectively. For some of you, the NYSC has researched into what you were writing in form of application. The managements have  noticed that about 89 per cent of corps members cannot write a good application, honestly and that is the fact.”

He said the research indicated that  “ the majority of you  start writing application with your name like ‘I Sanusi Abdulrasheed hereby…’ This idea is zero . You should know that the point  of communicating with the world is through application. When you start wrongly, those that know the use of language would know that such a person lacks communication skills and such an application would be put into the dustbin.”

He then urged them not to feel too big , “go and buy primary and secondary books, therein you would learn many ways of writing good application.”

He, however, noted that  a good application starts with “ I hereby wish to apply for accounting position in your organisation. This is just an example.”

The state NYSC boss further advised the corps members  to stop looking for white collar jobs, saying it is better for them to put into practice the vocational skills learnt  during orientation and become self employed.


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