Basic Technology JSS 1, Week: 1

Topic: Concept of Technology

Meaning of Technology

Technology is a term that may be new to us but it is describing something which is not new at all. Technology affects our daily life. We see its effect around us every day, even though we may not know what it is.

In the past, villagers drank water from running streams or rivers and sometimes depended on rain water whenever rained. But today, we see wells that have some form of machines to pump out the water instead of using a bucket and rope to draw to draw water. This new development is called technology.

Photographs taken forty years ago in Nigeria were all in black and white. Buy now, black and white pictures are considered inferior to what we have in this present day and age coloured pictures.

The latest technology in photography is the use of digital cameras with which you print out copies of your photograph from the computer less than a minute after snapping.

These chapters contain three sections:

Section 1.1  The definition and benefits of technology

Section 1.2  Products of technology

Section 1.3  life application of technology

Section 1.1 Definition and Benefits of Technology.

From the introduction, it is clear that technology means processes (methods) and products (materials) that make life easy and stress free. The modern ways of doing many things today are far easier and faster than they used to be in the past. In farming, for example, the use of hoes and cutlasses have been replaced with the use of tools and machines powered by steam, water, wind, electricity and the sun. Underdeveloped technology involves the use of crude methods and tools to do things. Developed technology is the use of modern methods and equipment to do things.


Technology has positively affected every area of our life. Therefore, technology makes our work:

a. easier b. faster c. neater d. more accurate and e. more reliable.

Activity 1.1

Go round your community and see examples of developed technology and underdeveloped technology. Make a list of the technologies.

Section 1.2 Products of Technology

Products of technology refer to the materials, machines and equipment that are used to make life easier. These are sometimes called tools. They are the finished product of engineering work. The tools are used to achieve specific objectives.


Pressing Iron


Mobile Phones


Air Conditioning Unit



Activity 1.2

Study the diagram above. Do the equipment qualify to be called “Products of technology”? List the features that make each equipment qualified to be called a product of technology.

Complete the table below.





Gas cooker

Makes cooking easier and faster



Makes traveling faster and more comfortable



 Helps to give quick access to the internet and helps in typing and all other works


Mobile phones

 Helps communication very easy

Section 1.3 Life Application of Technology

Technology leads to economic development of the community where it is used. Technology can be applied to all areas of human life such as religion, business, politics, academics, socials, etc.

Let us consider some of these life activities and how technology is applied to them.


– Church sermons are now available on the interne

– Some pastors have computerized bibles on their laptops

– Microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers are used in mosques for better and enhanced   sound production.


– Mobile phones are now used to make business contacts.

 – Laptops are used to keep record of stocks and sales.

– Business can be transacted on the internet.



Family Life

-The blender is used to grind pepper.

-Refrigerators are used to preserve foods.

-Childless couple can now have children by artificial insemination, such children are called test-tube babies.


-Electronic voting machines help to minimize rigging and making electoral processes easier and faster.

-Electronic media (e.g. television and radio stations), helicopter and giant balloons are now used for political campaigns.


-Computers are now used for data analysis, computations, record keeping, etc.

-Overhead projectors are used to teach in the classroom in place of chalks.

-Magnetic board, flannel board and other items are used to mount educational pictures.


-Technology means processes and products that make life easier.

-Products of technology are equipment that make our work faster, easier and more accurate.

-Technology improves human living standard.

-Technology is used in almost every sphere of life such as religion, politics academics, business, etc.

Again we must note that technology is the way of doing things on scientific knowledge, also developed technology is referring to the gadgets that are used in modern days.

Underdeveloped technology refers to the facilities used in the past such as hoes, matched, etc.

Technology and Society

Technology does not exist in isolation. It exists in relation to men, women, boys and girls that live in a particular community.

The introduction of technology has bought a lot of improvement to our life and society.


Vehicles on the Highway


The society where the products of technology are used daily is always modern in outlook; the standard of living of such a society is very high. Technology has brought improved living standard to our society by providing the following social amenities:

-Highways with traffic lights.

-Wide asphalt roads with relevant road signs, marks and instruction.

-Recreational parks and gardens.

-Modern buildings in urban landscape.

-Treated and drinkable waters in public place as well as in homes and offices.

-Use of modern transport facilities, like cars, buses, aeroplanes, trains, ships, etc

-Modern facilities in the home as found in our kitchen, bathroom, toilet, dining room, living room, surroundings, etc.


-Go round your locality and find out how many modern day tools you can find.

-List them out and write how each of them has helped to improve the standard of living.


The introduction of technology has brought a lot of improvement to our life and society.

A society that uses technology is a modernized society. Improved standard of living in every facet of our life is the gain of the society through the advent of technology.

Who Can Study Technology

Technology has been designed as tools and machines that make life easier for us. Technology also helps to improve our standard of living in the society. This means that everybody living in a society should be involved in studying society. It is wrong for anybody to believe that studying technology is only meant for boys and men alone. Girls and women too can b involved in the study and the use of technology.

As modernization gradually enters our society, boys and girls, men and women should be alert, vigilant and current so that they do not become uninformed about the knowledge and the application of technology.

What should you do in order to have access to the knowledge of technology?

You should ask questions, be curious, read relevant books and try to use modern equipment confidently. If you fail once try again.