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How best can Teachers and Parents Get Students to actually love Maths?

As I have pointed out more than once on this platform, Mathematics is the most hated subject in schools. First of all it is abstract and therefore difficult to comprehend, especially when you have not quite opened your mind to understanding it. Moreover, most students constantly wonder why they even need to bother studying Mathematics in the first place. And to make it worst, neither the teachers nor their parents ever bother to emphasize the usefulness of Mathematics.  This is exactly what should inspire them to strive to understand the subject; telling them the immense usefulness of Mathematics. So let me talk a while and emphasize the usefulness of Maths below. Read!

-Starting with the most basic of all its uses, Maths has helped humans to create formulae with which we can measure, count and calculate.

-It gives humans virtually all the tools we need to figure things out; including how to fly spaceships into outer space and onto other planets.

-Without Mathematics, there would not be Engineering. And without Engineering, humanity would still be living in the Stone Age.

-Mathematics even helps Doctors to figure out the right dosages of drugs to give patients.

-No Scientist would be able to analyze the result from their research findings without Mathematics. And without Scientists’ ability to analyze their results, humanity would still be in the Stone Age!

-In actual fact, without Maths, life would be miserable indeed. So even though it is abstract and seemingly useless, you should always bear in mind that you enjoy a lot of things in life today simply because of Mathematics. Knowing this should be the greatest inspiration for you to learn the subject.

So…do you like Maths now? Of course you should!


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