dress classy

In this article, you will learn about classy style and why buying the classics is always a good idea for your wardrobe. Having a solid foundation of high-quality, timeless pieces is an absolute must for establishing a stylish wardrobe that will stand the test of time. Due to the simple (yet elegant) nature of most of the classic pieces, however, dressing in a classy way often gets misrepresented as being preppy or in the worst case scenario, boring. So how does one go from boring to chic without compromising class? You will get to know. Let’s get to the tips!

1.  Accessories are your best friend.

An easy way to take a boring outfit and make it stylish is to add accessories – especially matching sets and combinations. You should experiment with different accessories that you wouldn’t normally wear; different hats, waist belts, gloves, beret clips, anything can be used to add a little flair to your look!

2. Colour – know how to use it!

One of the ways to combine colors in an outfit is to take a subtle color from a pattern on the bottom half (let’s say you are wearing a glenn plaid skirt and one of the colours in the skirt is a soft pink) and adding it in as a solid to your top half. By ‘pulling’ a subtle color from a pattern and bringing it out with a solid, you’re essentially coordinating the look without looking too “matchy matchy”.


A second way to work with colour is to add it to your bottom half. The trick is to always keep the darkest shade(s) of color towards the heaviest part of your body to balance out your figure (without drawing too much attention to your figure) and to fade into a lighter version of that same colour for a monochromatic look.

3 Texture adds interest!

Texture can mean anything from the fabric to fibers to the knitted stitches in a piece. Mixing textures helps to liven up a look and make it interesting. Boring, by definition is dull and uninteresting; the opposite of that is texture!

4 Leave the uniforms to the professionals!

One of the easiest ways to take a classic piece and turn it into a boring outfit is to repeat the same style over and over again. This is different, however, from using the same piece twice. What this means is that if you wear a sweater once with jeans, next time you go to wear that same sweater – try it over a dress or with a skirt. Always switch up your overall look to avoid looking routine or uniform.

5 Cuts and necklines matter!

The easiest way to look boring is to wear the same neckline, sleeve length or same cut to all of your clothes over and over again. If you find that your look has gotten stale or mundane, try switching things up with a different neckline. Even something such as layering a collared shirt underneath a v-neck can give a refreshing twist to your wardrobe.

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