Everyone has a running list of requirements and deal breakers for their future partner. Maybe you really want someone over 5’10″. Maybe you’re super into someone who plays sports or who is focused on academics. Personal preferences are fine, and there’s nothing wrong with having a “type” or being attracted to certain things.

Superficial stuff aside, there are some really important qualities that every partner should have. You’re an amazing person, and you deserve to be treated like a queen/king by the person you’re dating. These are 8 key qualities every partner should have:

RespectRespect is one of the most important things in a relationship. Being with someone who does not respect you will never end well, and you’ll be miserable. The person you’re with should respect you as a person and your feelings as well. They should respect your thoughts, opinions, body and choices.

Honesty The foundation of a good relationship starts with being honest with each other. Lying is not only wrong, but it also makes trust difficult to come by. In a relationship, you want someone who will be honest with you about their past, present and what they want in the future. They’re honest with you when they tell you what they’re doing, and they’re honest about their feelings.

TrustTrust goes hand in hand with honesty. If someone isn’t honest with you, you probably can’t trust them. Trust isn’t just there, either. It’s earned. The person you’re with should be able to show you that they’re trustworthy and reliable.

LoyaltyI know there are some instances when people cheat once but feel awful and swear it will never happen a second time. But from my experience and most of my friends’ experiences, cheating doesn’t happen just once. If someone isn’t loyal to you, they do not deserve you.

Ability To CommunicateI don’t care how outgoing or shy a person is because communication in a relationship is different than communication with everyone else. When you’re in a relationship, open communication is so important and necessary.

HumourA sense of humour is hugely important in relationships, and it’s something that I think is really undervalued. If someone can’t make you laugh, you’re gonna have a bad time. This person doesn’t have to tell you jokes all day or be a stand-up comic, but you have to be able to laugh when you’re in a relationship!

KindnessSimilar to respect, kindness is something that is necessary. Unkind people do not make good matches. I’m not just talking about someone being nice to you, but it’s about how this person treats others. Are they kind to your friends? Their friends? Are they kind to the waiter on your date?

Ability To CompromiseWhen you’re in a relationship, you have to compromise with your partner. It’s so unfair to only do things one person’s way or to have the relationship be one-sided. If you disagree about something, talk it out and figure out a good common ground. If you’re always spending time with their friends, compromise and spend more time with yours until it evens out. If a person can’t compromise with you on things, it’s pretty clear they only have their best interests at heart.