BLACK-HEARTED: Mother Beats, Harms Her Kids With Knives


A mother in Ogun state lives, sleeps, cooks, washes, baths and defecates in one room which she shares with her three kids whom she maltreats.

In a recent report The Nation, Mrs Toyin Abiodun is reported to be maltreating her Gifts from God, beating the poor defenceless kids with knives and cutlass.

Its so bad that the marks are visible all over her boys body and one has a dislocated arm.

The woman, Mrs. Toyin Abiodun resides at Number 24, Adekunle Street, Akute- Odo , Ogun State, in her small one room she lives with all her kids. 

Her eldest child Dejitade, is in primary two at age 11, and still he can’t read or count, his teacher has attributed this to the abuse he receives daily from his mother.

One of the kid’s teacher said: “we are so afraid and full of pity for these kids and we had to report the incident to our community head , Oba Aleeh Idowu Akindele.”

According to the children, their mother would give them caps to cover their heads in order to avoid the scars from being seen or discovered. The other girl has a strange big Bob Marley strands of over 500 woven on her head to cover the scars on her head. The hair looked weird as it is too heavy for such a small girl of four!

The teachers revealed that when it’s time to go home, the kids are always crying, not wanting to return home.

The teacher said: “The children are always afraid to go home when it is time for them to go.They said their mother used to beat them with any object from knife, cutlass, belt to iron. These kids need to be rescued before it is too late.”

The second kid Emmanuel said he is in KG Two, he said his mother beats them with cutlass, belts , sticks and knives.

Damilola, 4, said she does not want to live with their mother again. “My mother is wicked”, she kept on repeating the statement.

The landlord of the house, Samuel Soyemi, revealed that the Toyin was her late mother’s tenant and when she asked for the Toyin husband, she said he left them.

The landlord said: When I called the husband he said he is no longer interested in their relationship. This woman is weird, she would lock up the children and leave home till evening while they would be crying. She has done like that four times locking the children in the room. She does not cooperate with anybody. It’s like she has psychological problem .

One day she locked up the children and used a knife she brought from the fire and cut their scalps, their heads are full of scars. She gave them caps to be wearing and tutored them to tell whoever asked about their scars that they were involved in motor accidents. That is why they wear caps .She baths for them in the room, cooks, wash clothes and defecates in the same room they live.”

When reporters paid her a visit , she met the reporter, belt in hand and angry, while one of her kids was defecating at the other end of the room at the same time eating with her brothers.

She said that the first and second kids are hers but from different men, She however said that the last child, Damilola is not her own but her Sister. 

When told about the landlords complaints she said: “they all hate me here and do not mind their business. In fact, I suspect it is either the landlord who had wanted me to befriend him and I refused or my former husband who came to report me in your office.”

When asked if she about the scars, she said:“the scars on them had been there for long. The first born had all those marks as a result of the beatings he had when he was with my brother in law in Lagos Island.” Asked about the second one with scars and dislocation, she could not say a word but insisted that her enemies had sent the reporter to her.


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