Teenagers, especially the male ones, always wish they could look older than their actual age. For them, the ability to look older than their actual age

[s] would help them to assert their independence and maybe even woo the girls. But then boys have one thing to their disadvantage- their hormones which typically tend to develop rather slowly unlike their female counterparts. In this case therefore, the surest way boys seem to prove their maturity is their bodies’ ability to grow facial hair. But even the beards do not grow out easily; for most males. I personally hard quite the difficult growing my own beards when I was younger so I definitely know what it feels like. In any case, do not worry because in this post, I shall show you some tricks to help those facial hairs grow.

The first trick is to regularly wash your face with soap and water. As you may well know, the pores on our skins are the very places where hairs grow from; including beards. And when these pores are blocked, not only does it become difficult for the hair to grow up naturally, it may also result in some complicated skin infections such as acne. On the other hand, when you regularly wash your face and keep the pores open, you make it easier for those delicate facial hair follicles to start aiming to grow out. Try it and see!

Following up on the need to wash the face regularly, there is also the need for you to exfoliate dead skin cells. To exfoliate simply means to remove dead skin cells, using specially-prepared exfoliation scrub or better still simple soap, water and sponge. This is levels above merely washing the face with soap and water and the purpose is to get rid of all those dead cells so that your pores might be open to let hair grow out.

Regular intake of vitamins can be helpful. One major reason why most lads find it difficult to develop facial hair is due to their vitamins deficiency. The male body needs various types of vitamins to be able to make those facial hairs, including vitamins B12, B6 and B1. So you wish to grow some facial hairs? Then you must endeavour to eat meals rich in vitamins.

Regular protein intake is also highly important. I assume that every teenager understands the important role protein plays in ensuring all round physical maturity of the body. Yes…just as eating enough protein will help you grow taller, so also would it help you grow some facial hairs. Foods that are rich in protein include assorted beans, animal products such as fowls, beef and fish, as well as nuts of all kinds.  Eat those.

In all, you should do well to eat balanced diet always. Indeed, this is the key to all round physical and even psychological development. No particular nutrient source is more important or less important than the other. Truth is that they all have different roles they play towards ensuring that you grow and mature.