Britain’s youngest parents: Mother, 12, gives birth after falling pregnant at primary school to a boy aged 13

A father today revealed he was ‘proud’ of his 12-year-old daughter and there was ‘no shame’ after she gave birth to her 13-year-old boyfriend’s baby – making them Britain’s youngest parents.

The unidentified girl had a daughter last weekend after conceiving when still at primary school. She was 11 then, and is now in Year 7 at school, while her boyfriend is in Year 9 at another school.

Today, her father said that he would stand by his daughter – but admitted that he ‘broke down with emotion’ when discovering only four weeks ago that his eldest daughter was about to give birth.

The man phoned a live radio programme to say he would support the baby and called his daughter’s boyfriend a ‘great kid’. He added that there was no shame and he was proud to be a granddad.

The girl’s father told Nick Ferrari on LBC: ‘We only found out she was pregnant a month ago. That means she was eight months pregnant. The baby is going to come into the world no matter what.

‘You can just be supportive about it. The families on both sides are going to be very supportive about it. It is heartbreaking, but you can’t turn back time. You can only go forwards.

‘We don’t know where it happened. What you’re implying is that we knew they were having sexual intercourse in bedrooms. No. We cannot keep her wrapped up her whole life.’

The pair have the lowest combined age of any British parents on record. She, at 12 years and three months, is five months younger than Britain’s previous youngest mother, Tressa Middleton.

Their child weighed 7lbs – close to the UK average for a girl of 7lb 4oz, The Sun reported. At 27, the girl’s mother, who was a teenage mother herself, is also now one of Britain’s youngest grandmothers.

The parents, from North London, have been in a relationship for a year and say they are ‘totally in love’. They met over Christmas 2012 when she was ten and he was 12, it was reported.

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