This may sound surprising, but unfortunately it is true that many students hate to write. They hate it all- sentence writing, formal/informal writing, Creative Writing, keeping of diaries and basically any kind of writing at all. This is disturbing, considering how crucial writing is in the academic world. Unfortunately, many students do not even understand why they need to write at all. Most of them think they will never make use of the writing skills after all. And as a result they find no need to learn it. With this zero interest in writing, these students cannot help but hate the process socially when they are forced into it. And that makes it even worse to get them to love writing. Anyway, listed below are some of the reasons students hate writing and ways to encourage them to love.


THEY SHOULD BE PROPERLY TAUGHT BASIC WRITING SKILLS: Preparation should include a good base of Language Arts, especially basic grammar and spelling that are further strengthened as writing skills are developed. Some students fear they must get everything perfect on the first draft, and shut down because they do not know how to spell a word or compose various sentence structures effectively. A solid writing foundation focuses on the step-by-step process from brainstorming to outlining to composing the rough draft and writing the final copy. The Write Foundation teaches the writing process and structure, complemented by Language Arts basics, to develop healthy overall language usage with skillful writing.

THERE ARE No RIGHT ANSWERS IN WRITING YET THERE ARE MANY RULES TO BE FOLLOWED: When it comes to writing, many students find themselves puzzled. They ask themselves- if it is not a single way street, how then am I supposed to know what the right answer is? This puzzle makes writing such a difficult thing for most students to wrap their heads around. Of all the other skills they are taught (which usually always have single answers to them), writing is the only one different. And as though to complicate this further, the students make the mistake of approaching writing emotionally instead of understanding that there are concrete and

[or] right ways to write. Well just in case you never knew, please note that there are structures for various types of essays. Moreover, any writing at all require certain processes to be strictly followed- brainstorm, outline, draft the first copy, edit and then produce the final copy. Learning all the rules of writing will give you the confidence you need to not only write well, but also love it.


WRITING IS TOOL HARD; OR NOT! Agreed; writing has too many rules and requires extra effort too much extra effort. For this reason, students hate it. Well here is to burst your bubble- there is nothing noteworthy that comes easily. Moreover, any major breakthrough in brain development takes extra effort. Writing may seem difficult, but the moment you master the procedure, it becomes otherwise. Therefore, any students desirous of becoming a better writer must first quit complaining about its difficulty and master the act of organizing [their] thoughts and thinking logically, practice writing more and read more written works.

In conclusion, no good thing is ever easy to accomplish and anybody can become the finest writer if [they] set their minds to it. Be the best “you” please! All the best.