Let’s face the fact; an unhealthy person can hardly do anything meaningful in life. And considering that teenagers are not immune to ill health, it suffices to say that diseases of various kinds can seriously affect their academic productivity. Now there are two broad types of diseases- the communicable and non-communicable diseases- and unfortunately the latter is responsible for many of the ill health cases that plague so many people every day. The good thing about non-communicable diseases is that they are easily preventable, being that they are mainly as a result of unhealthy lifestyles directly within the control of individuals…

That said, how can teachers and parents help teenagers to embrace healthy ways of living in other that they may stay healthy and productive at school? Let us consider a few points below…

1)Every school needs to have policies on Physical/Health Education and a time slot for physical activity.

2)Basic nutrition is a must across all boarding schools and homes.

 3)Continually improve on your schools’ physical activity and nutrition policies.

4)Replace all other forms of punishments with physical activity; it’s a lot more beneficial.

5)For boarding schools, you must ensure and continually review health regulations in kitchenettes, cafeterias and kiosks.

6)Encourage students to snack on lots of fruits vegetables and nuts instead of processed foods.  

7)Regulate what is being sold within the school by outside vendors and ensure they align you’re your schools’ health standards/policies.

8)Create a School Health Advisory Council which should consist of student representatives.  Allow students to part of the decision‐making processes of said council.

9)Continually learn about what affordable and appropriate resources exist in your community for promoting physical activity and overall healthy-living.  

10)In all, make sure that your Physical Education curriculum is a lot more practical than theoretical.

11)And inculcate in the students the immense benefits of health-living.