It is a normal thing for teenagers to develop crushes for one another every now and then. But what aren’t normal are the crazy things teenagers would most likely do to get the attention of their crush. Indeed, some teenagers do some seriously weird things when they are infatuated. And the sad thing is that in the process of being weird as a result of being carried away by infatuation, you end up chasing away your love interest instead of winning them over. To avoid this happening to you, I have some tips below on to handle your infatuation. Enjoy.

GET YOUR EMOTIONS IN CHECK! Do not get to emotionally carried away when you are having a crush on someone. I know this may be hard to do; after all being too excited and overwhelmed with blissful emotions are exactly what crushing on someone is all about. Sadly, allowing your excitement and emotions to overtake your senses hardly helps anyone who is infatuated. On the other hand, you can crush on someone subtly and get their attention eventually.

BEAR IN MIND THAT IT WILL REQUIRE LOTS OF EFFORT TO CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS. After all when you are having a crush on someone all you just want to do is let them know how much you really like them and want to be with them. So why hide the very feeling that will let them know, right? Moreover, no matter how you try to hide your feelings it doesn’t just work. Well maybe you are right. But notwithstanding, you can still control your feelings.

FRIENDLY COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR CRUSH CAN BE HELPFUL. Mind you, this may feel awkward at first considering how much you just feel they should look you in the eyes, see how you feel about them and reciprocate. But you should know that if you are friendly to your crush and start your relationship on a friendly note before making the big reveal, the possibility of anything meaningful and positive happening are more likely then when you just take them by surprise.

AS YOUR FRIENDSHIP GROWS, BEGIN TO DROP HINTS OF YOUR MAIN INTENTIONS. Once again do not be forward. These should be subtle coy hints, starting with invitations to go to the library, hang out at the cafeteria or even go to the movies with you; that is if you are old enough to go to the movies alone. In any case, just subtle romantic things that will tell that special person that you really like them.

BEAR IN MIND THAT THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN IS THAT YOUR CRUSH SAYS NO…NOT INTERESTED. If you’re getting completely negative vibes, just know that the person isn’t right for you. And if he or she does the favour of openly telling you that they are not interested, please save yourself the troubles and move on.